Maisie, Her life in letters…

November 9, 2013
November 9, 2013 user

Maisie, Her life in letters…


We have started the work at our new house before we go in. On Friday morning 1 met Evan and the supervisor and we settled ourselves to choose a drawing-room paper. All the woodwork of the room is painted dark and would you believe it, the goths wanted me to have it all painted ivory white m1.d the mantelpiece too. Well, I flew at them and told them I knew what their idea of a drawing-room was. A flimsy yellow and white room with staring, glaring windows and fireplace, and Japanese fans and fly away draperies and wickerwork chairs. And I told them that my idea was a comfortable room in which one could rest ones eye on a gentle colour and not be dazzled at every turn with glaring white. I am going to stick to my dark-coloured drawing-room and be blowed to Adelaide taste.

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